Prescott Valley

7584 E Hwy 69, Ste C
Prescott Valley, AZ  86314

Smoke'm Prescott Valley believes in our American right to enjoy tobacco, and we are committed to staying active and informed of changing legislations and trends that could affect you, the tobacco consumer.

Because we understand the tobacco enthusiast and our "Politically Correct" Society's persecution of our tobacco pleasure, Smoke'm Prescott Valley strives to serve you better by offering an over 21 establishment* where you may serve yourself, or we could assist you, in virtually all tobacco choices and where you may also partake in a relaxed, informative and fun atmosphere.

Terrie Newkirk
Proprietor, Smoke'm Prescott Valley, LLC

*Smoke'm Prescott Valley has "touchable tobacco" and "We Smoke", it is against Federal Laws for persons under 21 to enter.
Visitors with children, it is our pleasure to serve you at the door.
Smoke'm Prescott Valley, LLC

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